Internet radio station / SaaS / Website

  • What we did: Built a custom web based SaaS mutlti client application
  • Site link: aprosys-radio.com


Build a subscription based commercial free internet radio station utilizing several different software languages, operating systems and frameworks. The screenshots are taken from our internet radio station website.

Project Goals

  • Deploy software on Linux and Windows servers
  • Integration of Stripe API for subscriptions
  • Utilize PostgreSQL as backend database
  • Use open source and proprietary software

Our Solution

Deploy and integrate 2 Ubuntu Linux servers and one Windows 2019 server, to perform and handle broadcasting, domain and streaming resources. Integration of Stripe API to perform transactions for subscriptions. Icecast open source software was utilized on one Ubuntu Linux server to setup an icecast server for streaming audio files. Proprietary software Sam Boradcaster Pro was installed on a Windows 2019 server to work as a broadcasting server. And the Ruby on Rails open source framework was used on a second Ubuntu server as a domain server to handle user accounts, Stripe transactions and access to the audio stream.


Aprosys-Radio has been broadcasting over the Ether verse for more than 10 years.

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